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Corporate Banking

We strive to provide corporate customers with impeccable corporate banking service, establishing and managing professional customer relationships, attracting professional clients’ deposits, as well as providing professional clients with full range of financial products/services such as trade financing facilities, bilateral loans, syndications, guarantees, etc. Details are as follows.

1. Deposits, ABC Dubai Branch can accept corporate deposits from the offshore market, AED deposit is not included. Types of deposits include: Current deposit, Time deposit, Call deposits.

2. Import Trade Financing, mainly including: Opening Import LC, Back-to-Back LC, Import Documentary Bills, Import Invoice Financing under Trust Receipt, Shipping Guarantee, Bill of Lading Endorsement, Trust Receipt.

3. Export Trade Financing, mainly including: Packing Loans, LC Negotiation and Export Bills Purchased / Discounted under LC, Export Collection Documentary /Discount, Export Invoice Financing, Forfaiting, Factoring, etc.

4. Loans and other Facilities, mainly including: Working capital loans, Project Financing, Syndication.

5. Bank Guarantee, mainly including: Bid Bond, Advance Payment Guarantee, Performance Bond, etc.

6. Settlement Products, mainly including: LC Notification, LC Modification, LC Confirmation, LC Transfer, Collection, O/S RMB Settlement.